Our Shanghaï office offers the following services

Corporate services

  • Company incorporation
  • Opening of bank account
  • Deregistration and liquidation

Accounting Services

  • Initial set up of accounting system
  • Bookkeeping
  • Cash management services ( domestic and overseas payments)
  • Financial statements
  • Group reporting package
  • Prepare and file the periodic Corporate Income Tax Return, Business Tax, Additional Related Tax Retursn and Withholding Individual Income Rax return with the tax authorities
  • Annual Corporate Income Tax assessment
  • Annual Inspection
  • Audit assistance service

Payroll and related services

  • Post –incorporation social security registration
  • Payroll calculation, distribution and administration
  • Staff hiring/termination
  • Staff contract, administration and insurances
  • Apply employment and resident permit for expatriate staff


  • Strategic and structuring business advisory
  • Company screening and due diligence of local companies
  • Tax advisory
  • Project management