Escrow Services

Why is an escrow agreement ?

An escrow arrangement is the process in which money, assets and/or documents are held in trust by an independent third party (called the escrow agent) who will act according to the clauses of an escrow agreement between the parties.

Why using an escrow agreement ?

There are several reasons to require services from an escrow agent, and most of time, the purpose is for counterpaty or price risk mitigations.

TrustConsult helped a large number of clients (HNWIs, corporates and institutionals) by drafting and executing their escrow agreements in :

  • purchase/sale of real estate or shipping assets
  • purchase/sale of private companies
  • purchase of CER carbon credits from UNFCCC projects
  • alternative to letters of credits
  • alternative to complete payments of commitments in closed-ended funds

Why choosing TrustConsult as escrow agent ?

The selection of the escrow agent is important and unfortunately done at the end of the deal preparation. It is then necessary to have a service provider being solutions driven, responsive and independent in order to have tailored agreements drafted in time.

TrustConsult professionals are qualified and experienced in many industries (real estate, shipping, infrastructure, private equity, environmental projects, banking or investment funds set-up) and are able to follow each step of the agreement for an efficient and secured transaction process.