Corporate structuring and planning

With an independent state of mind, TrustConsult assists private and corporate clients to identify and implement the most appropriate structure depending on the type of income to be considered and paid under the form of general commercial income, commissions, dividends, interests, royalties, capital gains or else.

Whether it deals with foreign or domestic investment vehicles or repatriation of profits structures, TrustConsult provides you for cost effective solutions for your wealth preservation and growth.

Upon client's request, we organize an appropriate legal or tax opinion confirming specific aspects of the anticipated operation.

Thanks to its international network, TrustConsult may also assist and organize a ruling application in order to secure new or sophisticated tax planning.

Analysis of the structure

Our legal advisors propose investment schemes between ultimate beneficial owner(s) and target investment(s); we combine international companies, regulated or non-regulated by using the full range of holding and financial instruments, in order to reach our clients’ target mix of holding security and tax efficiency.