Family Office

TrustConsult Group offers family office support to its international clientele in the state of the art.

TrustConsult Group assists families and High Net Worth Individuals to optimize their wealth preservation by structuring and facilitating management of their assets. Working hand in hand with wealth managers, banks, trusts and financial advisers, TrustConsult assist to coordinate strategy of financial and succession planning, asset protection, investment management to carry out client's short or long term goals.

Our multi-disciplined team, combined with our extensive international network aims at:

  • Strategic tax planning for your current and potential financial investments and transactions, including sales of significant assets, acquisitions, real estate, securities and stock options or art;
  • Retirement planning;
  • Minimizing effective tax rates on investments and maximizing the benefit from deductions;
  • Estate planning services with a focus on achieving and maintaining tax minimization, flexibility and retention of asset control;
  • Plan for the creation, maturation, management and enjoyment of assets during a lifetime and in succession;
  • Providing more time and security to family members.

Our clientele relies on TrustConsult for an independent and solution driven service for various investment assets classes such as:

  • Private companies
  • Real estate
  • Quoted investments, money market instruments, currencies and commodities portfolios
  • Shipping and aircraft assets registered internationally
  • Fine arts